Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Megan fox pictures. Stuff.

Megan fox pictures. Extra Pictures:

megan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox pictures
Can someone help me? (Easy) (10 points)? Hey! Im writing a long story about a brother, sister, age (15 years) who are magicians and the need to overcome a couple of young (20-28 years) are assistants have also recently killed their parents. The twins have Counsul (youth 20-25 years) who helps them. I need help with the image of the character physically. Ok, I have some people who play the characters chosen. Here they are Rose - Sister (DescrptionBlonde, blue eyes, very pretty) (Real Life Person One of my friends) http / / / view / DtkISUhnjkRaq ... http / / ... Evil Wizard (Wife) - no name yet (Description of Character Blue eyes black hair, Hot) (Person In Real Life Megan Fox) http / / / wp-content / uploads / ... Elle - Counsul (Character Description green eyes, Short, Blonde, beautiful) http / / / wp-content / up ... Ok, so what are all the guys I picked it up, this is were u come in. I need help finding actors for some of the other characters or help to change a character. Ill give a description of the units I need-Shane - Brother (Description Light brown or blond hair, green or blue eyes, looks a bit like Rose)-Evil Wizard (Man) (Description beautiful they must look be evil and Megan Foxs Type) Give me the name of the actor, model, singer, etc. and a link to an image if you can. Remember that you can help me find another option for a person or a person for two people who I have not found someone who can play.
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